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Compositions published and distributed through Audio Network, one of the world’s leading production music publishers.

Above is one of nine tracks written, or co-written with Rob Kelly, to be published through Audio Network across two albums. You can listen to the full albums here.

These albums were recorded at Strongroom studios and produced by Rob Kelly, and feature amongst its performers Ralph Salmins, Tim Garland, Paul Clarvis, Milos Milivojevic, DJ Yoda, Alexander L’Estrange and more.

Tracks featured on Grand Designs, French Open coverage, You’ve Been Framed and Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

July ’17: Orchestral score composed to accompany a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, including dance numbers, music to accompany projections, scene changes, incidental music, underscores and character themes. Included MDing and conducting.


How The Nights Can Fly, from Galaxies Like Grains of Sand by Hampshire and Foat (The Greg Foat Group). Review here (London Jazz News)

Between The Lines Jazz – excerpts from arrangements of Crazy in Love, Shake Your Body Down To The Ground, Toxic and I Wanna Be Like You/Sing Sing Sing

Many more arrangements for orchestras, big bands, jazz combos, classical ensembles and pop horn sections.


Please get in touch for info about transcription services, which will include fully scored out parts (including chords) as taken from an audio file, or any other editing services (Sibelius, Pro Tools, Logic).

Experienced in transcription and preparing parts for anything up to full big band or orchestra.